A shoe company that offers a perfect fit for every foot. Proudly made in the USA since 1982.

Founded in 1982 by Bart and Jan Hersey, Hersey Custom Shoe Company was born in a converted sheep barn in Maine. Hersey quickly became known as the #1 running shoe, hand-crafted for each foot at a time, with the only shoe that can be re-soled up to 4 times during it's lifetime. 25 years later, Stephen Keoseian took over the business and continues the legacy of the only custom sneaker company made in the USA.

Our Story

Victory Sportswear started originally as Hersey Custom Shoe Company, founded in 1982 when Bart and Jan Hersey began making custom running shoes in a converted Maine sheep barn. Bart loved making shoes and figuring out ways to blend new technologies with the forgotten wisdom and techniques of the old-timers. Jan, his wife, was great at managing details, so together they launched a tiny cottage industry that was to make an impact on the shoe world.

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